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Wedding Cake Server

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

In today’s society it is the equivalent of smashing a wheat thin on top of the beautifully coiffed head of the bride. Not such a great idea, unless you are planning on having the wedding outdoors, and want a flock of birds to pick it out for you. Of course, now that we have advanced in society to the point that we are so much more adept at good manners, we now gently cut the cake, and serve it to our partner with the utmost of care. However, if you want to consider the guest’s feelings, we are all more comfortable observing gracious behavior, instead of watching people make sport of each other.

Keep in mind that you probably want to enjoy the bite you do have, so choose something that both of you will like. Make sure the cake is slightly more dense, because it will be difficult to cut and hold if it is too light and crumbly. Having filling or berries in between the layers can be problematic, and they tend to separate the top from the bottom when you are trying to handle it. No one is going to be really happy with a big stain from falling, dripping cake on the front of their wedding dress or tux.

Traditionally, the top layer is frozen and served on the first anniversary of the wedding. One girl said she chose cheesecake for the top layer, and the flavor held up really well, even after a year in the freezer. That may be the smart way to go if you are intent on saving the cake, eating and liking it on your first anniversary. Remember to wrap it in several layers of plastic wrap, and then tin foil, and it should hold up nicely. No bad luck will come your way if you choose not to follow this tradition. It is really a matter of personal preference. So, now that you feel properly informed, check out the wedding cake servers that will suit your needs. There are many styles to choose from ornate and elegant, or simple and practical. You can have the server engraved with the wedding date and your names, or leave it unengraved and pass it on to the next generation. Enjoy making some of these decisions and be content with the process of getting ready for the big day.