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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Choosing a perfect wedding venue is the main issue that preoccupies the minds of the bride and the bridegroom. A perfect wedding venue will definitely make your wedding a dream wedding and an unforgettable experience for the guests. Couples usually look for magical and grand venues, something that can sweep them off their feet, just like their love and emotions for one another. But, a wedding venue is actually a lot more than simply breathtaking ambience. It should be a complete package of catering, decoration, services, space, seating arrangement for the guests, parking facilities, separate space for the civil ceremony and reception.

When you are looking for a wedding venue, finalize your wedding guest list because seating arrangement for the guests should be adequate and enough for all the guests. It is customary for people to book wedding venues online, but you must pay a personal visit so that you can have a look at the venue yourself. Parking facilities or valet parking is also essential for a hassle free wedding-venue. Some of your guests might be using public transport or flying from other cities to attend your wedding. Therefore, the location of the wedding venue is also critical as it should be accessible by everyone.

The decoration of the wedding-venue is of prime importance, even if you are going for a small wedding. The flowers and the table arrangement would be chosen by you. The wedding-venue that you are considering might have an in-house wedding planner. If you can afford him, discuss all the matters with him regarding the flower arrangement and the overall decoration. You can stay in-budget if you are selective in the choice of flowers. Each wedding-venue has a digital album of different kinds of arrangements and decorations, which they have done in the past. So, ask the person who is dealing with you to show you the album or sample pictures, so that you can have an idea of the standard of the wedding services that they provide.

Catering is the most important aspect of wedding. Whatever menu you have chosen should be delicious and something which is liked by all the guests. A perfect wedding-venue should have an all-inclusive services including catering. But, it is imperative that you taste the food yourself to assess the quality and taste of the food. If you really like it, immediately sign the contract with the wedding-venue.