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Planning Your Wedding Catering

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

It is a good idea to have a cocktail hour before your dinner, if you are serving dinner at your wedding. Most caterers will serve canapés as a starter for your guests. You can hire a caterer for this purpose or use the same caterer who serves the dinner to serve the cocktail hour. Be sure to discuss the food options with the caterer so that you get foods that you and your guests will like. Many finger foods are put on a buffet table so that guests can help themselves. You will have to discuss service of the foods with the caterer if you want them to go around with a tray to each guest.

If you are planning a traditional English wedding, you will want to stick with traditional English fare. If you are having the dinner catered, chances are that your guests will be served buffet style. This means that they will all help themselves from the buffet table. The caterer will have the food prepared prior to the wedding and will set it up on the table under burners so that it remains hot. Discuss the timing between the canapés and the dinner with the caterer beforehand. A good caterer will give you a choice when it comes to food and will know how to serve it.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, be sure to provide wine, beer, spirits or all three to your guests. You should engage the services of a bartender if you plan to serve spirits. A good wedding caterer will also have bartending services available. They should be able to set everything up at the designated spot and make sure that all of your guests are served. When choosing a caterer for your wedding, be sure to get references. It is best to get a company that has been in the business for a while and has earned an excellent reputation rather than go with an unknown or a friend of a friend. Catering a wedding is a job that should be entrusted only to a proven caterer as this is an important aspect when it comes to your wedding and guests.

Saving Money on Your UK Wedding Cake

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Wedding cakes can be an expensive line item in your wedding budget, costing hundreds or even thousands of pounds. A cheap option is obviously to make the cake yourself from scratch, if you have the skills, the time or the inclination. However, you might consider looking to the high street to find a decent cake at a decent price.

Firstly – look at the traditional supermarkets. All of the supermarkets – Morrisons, Asda, Tesco etc. do a range of what they call “special occasion” cakes ranging from a very reasonable £10-20. Now that all of these supermarkets have a ‘finest’ collection, they also tend to do well iced, tasty rich fruit cakes. These are usually available in different sizes too, so you can layer them if you want to create a more traditional tiered cake.

Generally, the supermarket cakes are well presented but come only in plain white, which means that you will need to decorate them yourself. Luckily, this is easy to do! By browsing eBay or Hobbycraft, you can find tier holders and a selection of glitters, cake gems and foliage at very reasonable prices. For a white cake, rather than going overboard, you could always opt for some very simple green foliage (that is safe to put on a cake!) and a wedding topper – a sugar figurine of a bride and groom or something else that you like.

Waitrose supply some high quality cakes that are already iced and decorated. The same goes for Debenhams and John Lewis. These cost a bit more than the standard supermarket cakes, because they look slightly more special and professional, but they cost much less than a completely bespoke cake. You might also consider a trip to Marks and Spencer, as they have a good selection of cakes – they offer a special service where they will make cakes to order for you. A whole selection of cake bases can be found ranging from sponge cakes to fruit cakes and even chocolate cakes.

Finally, if you are on a tight budget, don’t dismiss the idea of using good quality cupcakes or chocolate pots arranged in a tiered display that you could serve as dessertor leave on display for guests to help themselves later on in proceedings. You could even bin the idea of “cake” altogether and opt for Krispy Kreme doughnuts (arranged in tiers of course).